2390 NSPS

2390 NSPS

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Sanatan Primary School, Suva, Fiji

Nabua Sanatan Primary School

Welcome to Nabua Sanatan Primary School's official website. This website is made as an initiative to cater for students who will be recieving a laptop each. The school site will keep the students and the parents updated about recent happenings in the school and other information related to students and their learning in school. I hope that you will find this website useful and informative. 

Message from the Head Teacher

OLPC is an initiave of USP in conjunction with MOE and BSP bank. Since we are in the IT world the introducion of OLPC will have alot of impact on the mode of teaching and learning. The use of OLPC in primary schools will enable students to be better prepared for secondary and tertiary education. OLPC will be a learning tool instead of playing tool.

To have this efficiently running, the school has built this website to enable students to get alot of information with regards to school background , the activities planned and to let them be interested in learining during their learning. The website is built in a way which caters for students interest and has controlled features similer to FACEBOOK, Personal Mails, Forum Discussion where students can engage themselves into interactive learning. The website is fully monitored and allows full access to registered users and limted access to guest users which takes care of other security issues such as online bullying etc. Students of the other two schools that will be recieving the laptops will also be registered on the website for more online interactive learning. 


2013 Excursion

New Look Sanatan School Starts

Nabua Sanatan Primary School starts today with s new look after kind donation of new desk and chairs from ANZ Pacific Operations Staff Foundation. This was an intitiative from ANZ staff as they have been commited to helping improve communiteis. The ANZ Pacific operations handed over newly-refurbished schools items and library books to the school.

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Religious Scriptious/Musical Instruments

NSPS has recieved kind donations from the Indian High Commission of India who has given the school musical instruments (DHOLAK) and religious books and Ramayan to keep the religiuos preaching active in school and also to motivate the students to take part in religious activites in the school. NSPS  thanks the High Commision of India for its kind contributions.
In many countries, Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country. Teachers' days are distinct from World Teachers' Day which is officially celebrated across the world on Oct 5.
Today teachers day will be celebrated around FIJI in many schools thanking the teachers for their commitment and hardwork in upbringing the children.

National Library Week

Students of class 3 and 4 busy competing between themselves in arranging the poem. The whole poem was cut intoo individual words which was jumbled. Students had to rearrange the words to get the poem of the day. After a tough competion class 3 managed to win and students selebrated their victory during recess and luch.
Students witnessing the competions being held for the various classes.
The National Library Week was successfully and cheerfully celebrated by the students of Nabua Sanatan on Friday 14th Sept 2012. The school with the support of its oranising committe held up a programme for the students from 9am to 12pm on Friday. Before the final celebration, ongoing conpetions was also held in the school for the students throughout the week. Competions such as:
  • Alphabet Arrangement (Class 1 V Class 2) "Winner Class 2"
  • Poem Arrangement (Class 3 V Class 4) "Winner Class 3"
  • Quize questions (Class 5 V Class 6) "Winner Class 5"
  • Treasure Hunt (Class 7 V Class 8) "Winner Class 8"
was held and students recieved certificates of participation and prizes for their success. Nabua Sanatan Primary School has wittnessed the distribution of the certificates for the first time.

Distribution of OLPC's 

The XO laptops will be distributed at NSPS to every student from class 1 to class 8 next year starting from first term. It will be officially launghed at Navesi Primary School after which it will be distributed to the other two schools. Ministry of Education is targeting 3 schools for this project next year and will expand this project to 30 schools after which it will expand to the remaining schools aroound Fiji. Students will now get the opportunity to explore the world of endless possibilities in education. 

Teachers Being Certified

Teachers of NSPS recieved their certificates after succcesfully completing their training on OLPC on Friday 31/08/2012. They have been certified as operators of OLPC and integral teachers of OLPC. The presentation of the certificates was witnessed by USP lectures, MOE officials and other invited guests. 

Brief History of OLPC
Although the release of the OLPC is relatively new, it has been an idea long in the making. Educators have seen and hoped for bringing technology to children all around the globe for a while and under Nicholas Negroponte's guidance, this dream is quickly becoming a reality.

The idea of bringing technology to children and developing countries is not a new one. In 1982, Nicholas Negroponte and Seymour Papert brought Apple II computers to school children in Dakar, Senegal. Negroponte later founded theMIT Media Lab along with Jerome Wisner. At the MIT Media Lab, Papert created "The School of the Future" which brought computers to schools in Massachusetts where they learned to program in Logo. In 1988, LEGO/Logobecame commercialized which enabled kids to program self-made robots using a computer. 10 years later, Lego released its more well-known, up to date variant, Mindstorms.

In 2002, Negroponte went to a small Cambodian village and gave 20 children laptops with internet connections. He noted how "the children and their families quickly innovate multiple uses for the machines and easily teach themselves to navigate the Internet." Meanwhile, Papert convinces Governor Angus King of Maine that "one-to-one is the only meaningful ratio for deploying computers to school children." As a result, 42,000 laptops were distributed state-wide to seventh-graders.

Teachers of NSPS are being continously trained on using OLPC at USP and how they could integrate into the current curriculum that is being taught to the students. The laptops are specifically designed for children to enhance their learning during the learning. Using the OLPC students will not only learn how to use computers but they will get on board a large air-balloon where they will see a world of possibilities towards learning. 

BSP  is the sole sponsor of the OLPC Laptops in Fiji.

Teachers Training at USP

During the two weeks break, teachers from NSPS have been attending intensive training in regards to OLPC and will continue to attend training sessions every week on Wednesdays this term.